Taylor's Trail Ride


Here at the ranch I have learned many new things. I have made new friends, discoveries and goals for myself as well. Being here every weekend means so much to me, I wouldn't’t give it up for the world. I have been riding ever since I was three years old, and still love it. I have ridden many horses since that age and learned countless things from each one.

The horse I have ridden the longest in Macho (left). Although he is semi-retired now he is still a great ride and one of the sweetest horses I know (we have had many great adventures riding together). He has taken great care of me ever since I was 8 years old, and now he takes care of my mom whenever we go out on rides.

Recently, I have a new horse since I have been getting better and my riding style has been changing through the years. My new 4 year old, Cherry Pie has been taking care of me for about 8 months now and she seems to have the same heart as Macho always has. They have always been so willing and they both put up with all the silly things I do with all my friends. Weather it’s playing follow the leader, or tag or even braking twigs off of trees and having mini twig wars with my friends, they have given their all for me. I couldn't’t ask for anything better.

All of the other girls here have truly amazing bonds with their horses also. Riding with everyone here has taught me so many things. Being at the ranch with everyone is so much fun, because we all get along and ride together; some of us may want to go slower than others and some may want to go faster; and either way we stay in groups and talk, laugh and have fun.

There’s no place I would rather spend my weekend than to be here with my family and friends. (To me my horses count as family.) Kathy, the owner of the ranch, takes great care of her horses and us as well, in her eyes we’re her “adopted daughters” and it’s a terrific feeling to be wanted somewhere like a place as awesome as this. Friends, family, fun, and new experiences, need I say more? Would you rather be anywhere else? I wouldn't’t.

Added: June 28th 2009

Author: Taylor