Pepper's Point of View


Hi my name is Pepper. I am a Dalmatian that lives at Rainbow Ridge Ranch. I thought I would share with you some of my experiences at the ranch. My favorite things to do is go on trail rides with all the kids. Speaking of kids, we get lots of them. They come for birthday parties, with girl scouts, and sometimes just by themselves to learn about the horses and ride.

Sorry, I know I get side tracked a lot. I’ll be trotting along with the horses when I see a cute little bunny go by and I just can’t help myself; off I go to see what it’s doing and where it’s going but for some reason they seem to be afraid of me. So back to the ride I go when we pass a large sage bush were out flies some quail. As I stand there watching them flutter around I realize the ride is leaving me behind. So, I dash to catch up. As I take a short cut across the meadow I see three or four lizards scurrying away. Wait I just want to play. Oh smell the wild sage. 

Back to the group, I always catch them here because I know this is where they stop and take pictures of the kids on there horses. Sometimes I even get myself in the picture. Oh look there goes a red tail hawk. They’re great to watch the way they just hang, floating in air.

I remember the time my girl, Blue Bell and I chased a Bob Cat up a tree and held it there until the horses went by. That’s our job you know; to keep the horses safe. I sure am good at my job. Look Blue Bell, a ground squirrel, get it!

I like following the horses from up on this hill to make sure there is nothing in the horses’ path. Oh, there’s a black tail deer, they sure are big and fast! Stop! It ran into one of those prickly shrub oaks.

I just love the sound of those kids giggling as they trot down the trail. I think they scare all the quail more than I do.

Another job well done, see you next time.

For more information on Rainbow Ridge call Kathy at 661-538-9271 - and ask for (Me) Pepper.

Added: Sept. 8th 2007

Author: Pepper