My time at Rainbow Ridge Ranch

Hi my name is Kailee Michels, I am 15 yrs old and I go to Rainbow ridge ranch. I love the people there especially Kathy and George. I have known Kathy since I was 5 years old she is like a mommy to me.

She does so much for me and I am very thankful she is the one who taught me how to ride. She does a very good job at teaching me and other people about horses. 

I also learn from the other ranch girls they teach me a lot like Tayler and Kasey they taught me how to do a flip off a horse it was really cool.

George is so cool, he can fix anything and he can do anything he's great at working with the horses he’s a pretty awesome guy. George bought this big thoroughbred gelding named Rebel and they wanted him to do costumer rides but he was just a little crazy, and so no one really liked him except for me because every time I rode him he didn't do anything crazy and I heard that he is up for sale so I rode him for about 3 months because Kathy wanted to make sure he was a good horse for me also so did I.

I remember on December 31, 2008 Kathy said, " Are you sure you want him." and I said, "yes I do I love him."   Rebel and I love each other with instruction from Kathy, Rebel is teaching me to jump. He is one of my best friends. I have ridden him everywhere, in the snow, to Gymkhana’s, to Little Rock Dam, that was the best he loves the water. He just takes great care of me. I can’t thank George and Kathy enough for him.  

Added: August 28th 2008
Author: Kailee Michels